Organiser Help


How to Purchase Memberships

Click "Purchase Memberships" on the menu and follow the bouncing ball to purchase memberships for gifting to customers, staff, or other individuals. We will email you a tax invoice with payment instructions.


How to Gift Memberships

  1. Click "Add" on the menu.  
  2. Complete the short form and submit.
  3. You will receive an activation email. Forward this email with a short message to the recipient. Your message may something like this;

"As a small thank you for your support we have purchased 12 months membership to the With Compliments Club for you. Just click the button to activate your membership and visit Enjoy the benefits.


Viewing your list of members

Clicking "List" displays a list of persons you have given a With Compliments Club membership. It also allows you to deactivate a membership should you have cause to do so.


That's it really; a simple, fast,  efficient and efficient way to improve business goodwill, brand retention and referral.


It's The Thought That Counts