About Us


With Compliments Club is a division of Boomers Club Pty Ltd. Founded in 2014 Boomers Club provides a variety of member services to the over 50’s age bracket.  With Compliments Club is one of those member benefits.


In 2017 the board decided to expand With Compliments and extend its unique approach to other organisations as a stand alone product/service.


With Compliments Club fills a gap in the market for organisations to demonstrate their appreciation to individuals who have or currently support the Organisation.  It matters little whether or not those individuals are employees, club members, customers, suppliers or any other person that has contributed to the success of that organisation, either presently or in the past.


With Compliments Club does not represent that it provides a “Rewards or Loyalty” program. Instead it is simply a way of saying “Thank You” by gifting the individual a With Compliments Club membership; each time the individual accesses their membership benefits the ‘Thank You’ is reinforced and the organisation benefits.



With Compliments Club.

A division of Boomers Club Pty Ltd - ABN 44 605 438 324

Address: 43 O’Grady Street, Clifton Hill, VIC 3068

Email: memberservice@withcomplimentsclub.com.au

Phone: 1300 261715